Research Associate

Calgary, AB
Your Opportunity:

The Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF) is committed to an Alberta where most cancer is prevented. ACPLF’s mission is to transform cancer prevention with Albertans through innovative population-based initiatives, screening, and collaborative, focused research. The ACPLF approach is about unleashing the cancer prevention potential that exists in homes, communities, workplaces, and healthcare settings across the province. We do this by creating platforms through which partners from government, business, health services, and the voluntary sector can connect, learn, co-design, test and implement local solutions for cancer prevention. Sustainable, broad impact in cancer prevention requires comprehensive and integrated action at the individual, organization, community and systems levels. It requires sound research together with collaborative implementation to make a real impact. Working within a multi-disciplinary team that collaborates with Albertans, their families and their communities, the RA supports applied research through the synthesis of evidence and development of methods appropriate to reach and impact Albertans. The RA plays a key role in knowledge translation, informing action from an evidence-based approach and working with team members to develop resources and tools that best support Albertans. The RA supports the Applied Research Scientists to develop innovative concept proposals and synthesize best evidence to inform decision making. The role also requires skills in knowledge synthesis and mixed methods to design, collect and analyze individual and community-level data. All Non-Union Exempt positions are being reviewed for possible inclusion in the AUPE General Support Services bargaining unit. If this position is impacted, the incumbent will be notified accordingly.


Reporting directly to the Senior Scientist, the Research Associate (RA) is responsible and accountable for supporting applied research initiatives in support of the ACPLF vision, mission and business plan. Provides scientific methods and advanced analytical support for scientific initiatives. Provides data, information and research evidence to research team to support critical decision making regarding project, program and services designed by research team. Contributes specific technical research functions as a team member on projects or in support of Scientists. Applies a range of applied scientific knowledge/skills to conduct systematic inquiries. Adapts methods, techniques, and procedures to solve a range of complex problems. Obtains the literature/background to support modifications in scientific approach; Gathers, compiles, synthesizes, interprets, analyzes, and reports on literature searches. Supports research team to identify data elements needed and implement clear procedures for collecting, documenting and reporting data. Leads the development and implementation of data collection tools/instruments. Administers instruments and tools. Undertakes database development, data collection and entry, data cleaning, management and maintenance, and descriptive analysis. Participates in data interpretation. Leads the drafting/editing written and oral presentations, summaries, reports, journal articles and manuscripts etc. Drafts key findings for dissemination in the project team; Preliminary report preparation. Uses problem solving approaches to address issues within scope of practice and seeks guidance where necessary. Provides input into the design of studies. Engages with a wide variety of stakeholders internal and external to AHS. Recruits study participants.

  • Classification: Research Associate
  • Union: Exempt
  • Department: ACB REG RES Dis Inj PrvCntl35
  • Primary Location: Holy Cross Site Phase II
  • Employee Class: Casual/Relief
  • FTE: 0.00
  • Posting End Date: 05-SEP-2019
  • Date Available: 15-SEP-2019
  • Hours per Shift: 7.75
  • Length of Shift in weeks: 2
  • Shifts per cycle: 10
  • Shift Pattern: Days
  • Days Off: Saturday/Sunday
  • Minimum Salary: $28.20
  • Maximum Salary: $48.45
  • Vehicle Requirement: N/A
Required Qualifications:

Master’s Degree in a health-related field and a minimum of three years’ experience in a health promotion or population health-related field. Minimum of two years of experience in a health or research setting. Experience with mixed-methods health research. Strong computer skills and proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets and relational databases. Proficiency in SPSS, STATA, nVivo. Self-directed with strong analytical skills, attention to detail, with an ability to handle multiple tasks. Excellent interpersonal and team skills. Strong written and oral skills for the use in the development of oral presentations, summaries, reports, journal articles, systematic literature reviews, and manuscripts, etc. Knowledge of cancer prevention modifiable risk factors, health promotion and disease prevention, including strategies and best practice evidence related to cancer prevention. Ability to manage and prioritize work and meet deadlines. A demonstrated clear pattern of professional and personal development.

Additional Required Qualifications:

Ability to work with high level external and internal key stakeholders. Ability to facilitate and participate in working groups and steering committees. Experience maintaining effective collaborations within diverse AHS stakeholder groups (ie, SCNs). Aptitude for building and sustaining complex relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. Ability to work simultaneously on a variety of projects.

Preferred Qualifications:

Knowledge of project management methodology in a health care setting. Conflict management expertise focusing on group dynamics and diverse priorities. Knowledge of health promotion and disease prevention, including strategies and best practice evidence related to cancer prevention.

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